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A_A Funk

The first born Anthology Webradio. Funk & Disco from the 70s until now.

A_A 80s

The 80s will always be the decade of new kind of sounds, let's celebrate them.

A_A Ska

One of the only one radio where Ska has its place. It will get better in the coming days.

Jackson, Prince, Bowie

They don't have to prove anything anymore, they're just great. Music wouldn't be without them.

A_A Soul

Coming soon, Anthology Webradio couldn't go on without a webradio dedicated to the mother of all musics.

A_A Corsu

Coming soon, this webradio will be dedicated to Corsican music only.


Anthology Webradio history.


Anthology Webradio was born with passion of music. The first born was A_A Funk on 2010 playing funky music tunes of the 80s but Anthology Webradio was not alive yet. Then A_A 80s followed by the others soon so we had to gather all those webradios and Anthology Webradio was born. Its concept is simple you listen to (web)radios to hear music ? So why somebody has to talk over your favorite tunes ? Why do you have to hear annoying commercials ? Why would have to pay to enjoy some happiness ? Anthology Webradio is free, no talk, just music and only music.

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In loving memory

AW is very sad, the world of music has lost a legend again.
Your music will remain for ever.
Michael, David, Prince...those webradios are dedicated to you.

Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016), known by his mononym Prince, was an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actor, serving as a major figure in popular music for over three decades. Prince was renowned as an innovator and was widely known for his eclectic work, flamboyant stage presence, and wide vocal range


He was widely regarded as the pioneer of Minneapolis sound. His music combined rock, R&B, soul, funk, hip hop, disco, psychedelia, jazz, and pop. Prince was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and developed an interest in music at an early age, writing his first song at age seven. After recording songs with his cousin's band 94 East, 19-year-old Prince recorded several unsuccessful demo tapes before releasing his debut album For You in 1978, under the guidance of manager Owen Husney. 


His 1979 album Prince went platinum due to the success of the singles "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?" and "I Wanna Be Your Lover". His next three records—Dirty Mind (1980), Controversy (1981), and 1999 (1982)—continued his success, showcasing Prince's trademark of prominently sexual lyrics and incorporation of elements of funk, dance, and rock music. In 1984, he began referring to his backup band as The Revolution and released Purple Rain, which served as the soundtrack to his film debut of the same name. A prolific songwriter, Prince in the 1980s wrote songs for and produced work by many other acts, often under pseudonyms.


Graffiti bridge


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A_A 00s : Adult Contemporary
A_A 80s : 480s Flashback
A_A 90s : '90S Hits
A_A Ambient & Lounge
A_A Ballad & Love : College / University
A_A Blues : Blues
A_A Bowie : Alternative Rock
A_A CJK Pop : Top 40 / Pop
A_A Classical : Classical
A_A Country : Country
A_A Electro : Electronica
A_A France : International / World
A_A Funk : RnB / Soul
A_A Hard Rock & Metal: Hard rock / Metal
A_A Hip Hop : Hip Hop / Rap
A_A Italia : International / World
A_A Jackson : RnB / Soul
A_A Jazz : Jazz
A_A Latino : International / World
A_A New Hits
A_A Prince : RnB / Soul
A_A Reggae : Reggae / Island
A_A Rock : Alternative Rock
A_A Ska : Reggae / Island
A_A Soul : RnB / Soul
A_A Soundtrack : Adult Contemporary

Pour les résidents Français abonnés à Free, la plupart des stations sont disponibles.